Detective Justin Case

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, this first person oriented game is for all ages with it's light atmosphere, but will still have you looking for clues and puzzles to solve!

Game Development

Programming, Modeling, Design and more! Creations are meant to be shared, tested, and explored!


Breathing life into a creation is a lot more fun when you can be a voice behind it!


From doodling in notebooks, creating a webcomic, and now finding a way to bring it to video games, I am glad to find a way to draw cartoons!

About the Creator

Goofy Geek Entertainment LLC is an independent games company created by Balin Aguirre, who is super stoked about making games!
For the time being, games will be developed for PC and Mac and is located in Sunny Florida, not that I would know, since I spend most of my time indoors!

Goofy Geek Entertainment is determined to bring a Saturday Morning experience for you to enjoy at any time!


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