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Justin Case is a down on his luck Private Detective who stumbles over a clue about a big heist only for things to grow a bit more complicated than expected! Is there a way he can get out  of this misfortune? Find clues, sneak by unwanted attention, and visit new locales to solve this mystery to regain his credibility and confidence!


As Justin Case, the player has to pound the concrete for clues, finesse his way past safes, locks, laser grids and more to find a villain.  Piece together all the clues before it’s too late, but don’t get caught!


Unique Selling Points
  • Relaxed First Person Oriented Experience
  • Fit for all ages to enjoy
  • Find gadgets and clues to help piece your case together!
  • Crawl, jump, and climb through 5 levels of fun!
  • Outlandish narration sure to make to smile

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