My Introduction To Game Development

I’ve spent the majority of my life in love with playing video games, it was one of my first and favorite memories as a tiny human. Most people wanted to grow up to be Doctors, Financiers, and Millionaires. I’ve always wanted to make games and cartoons and make sure the next generation has as much fun as I had playing Zelda or watching Inspector Gadget!

The thing is, game development isn’t like learning to ride a bike in your driveway, it’s like learning to rollerblade after being pushed off a huge hill. I’ve fell on my face a lot! I had no idea where to start, but a lot of other developers I asked always said it doesn’t matter when or where you start, so long as you start and you keep at it. Watch YouTube, read the scripting API, read books on code or modeling. I’ve even learned quite a bit about level design from reading old strategy guides!

What I hear stops a lot of people and almost stopped me, is realizing that your first game is probably going to suck, and probably even your first two or three! That’s okay, because not only do you not have to worry about many people playing those ones, you can you pool everything you’ve learned into a new game, you also have a library of scripts, models, and designs already made! Making games only gets easier because you’re building a toolbox with tools you don’t have to recreate!

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About Us

Goofy Geek Entertainment is a one man band, learning about video game development and is currently working on a top-down action adventure game featuring Ava Rodriguez, an agent of P.R.O. that fights C.O.N. and their evil crimes!