New Game Teaser

Wanted to post what I have been recently working on! I am putting together rooms and puzzles for a demo, but am not sure which direction it should go. The easiest way to demonstrate each mechanic is to do a linear path, but the end game will be heavy on exploration and multiple paths to objectives including several quests that can be completed. Tell us what you think on our Twitter @GoofyGeekEntLLC release: Justin Case!

Come play my first video game "Disposable Detective", now available on! Play as the disposable detective Justin Case in this First Person Puzzle Adventure game, where you will have to help a group of teenagers solve the mystery of a seemingly haunted house! Unique Selling Points Relaxed First Person Oriented ExperienceFit for all ages to enjoyFind clues to help piece your case together!Crawl, jump, and inspect everythingDiscover a secret language and solve a cryptogram! Find Clues in secret briefcases!Have a Disposable Detective delivered to YOU!Find the code to crack THIS case!Interact with the world by handy business cards!Unlock this door with '0451'!